A unique IIS Initiative

IIS believes in achieving high quality eductation wouldn’t be possible without nutritious food available to each and every kid. The ill effects of the chemically manured food ingredients is scary.

IIS thus came up with the unique solution to achieve this. DIVINE COOK – a 100% organic food program has been initiated.

"Your Food Is In Safe Hands"

Menu planning is done by a reputed Nutritionist. Professional catering staffs prepared a menu list based on the advice of nutritionist. It involves balanced intake of nutrients on a daily basis which is as per Indian Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for children. Diet design is based on the physiological properties such as digestion, absorption and utilization.

MIIS do not compromise in quality of ingredients used, cooking methods, food handling, personal hygiene, etc., irrespective of economic fluctuations.

It's a 15 days’ menu with impeccable variety which is appealing, tasty and more importantly meeting the daily nutrition requirements.

Variety of menu includes health drinks, lunch items and healthy snacks. The health drinks would be served in the mid-morning session, lunch during noon and snacks during the mid-afternoon session.

“ We’re talking about our kids’ futures. Our schools need to be teaching our kids how to eat healthy. ” - Nadine Burke


IIS realizes that safety and health of the kids are paramount to its success as an organization. Therefore, emphasizes the importance of a high level of food safety, open communication with parents, guidance of a reputed nutritionist, interaction with food industry and an efficient and preventative surveillance system. IIS is committed to provide food with the highest hygiene and safety through established Food Safety Program. IIS based its food policy on openness, credibility and follows all relevant National and International Standards as well as applicable regulatory and legal requirements. Policy defines quantifiable food safety objectives for each function at every level by following safety and hygienic work methods (Good Manufacturing Practices - GMPs) at all levels.

“How could we ever believed that it was a good idea to grow our food with poisons?” - Jane Goodall

Professional Services

DIVINE COOK is managed by a qualified & experienced people engaged in the business of luscious food processing and food preparation business. It caters many items comprising of South Indian, Chinese, Chaat, Sweets, Desserts, Soups, Fruit Juices and Shakes, etc., All these food items are prepared as per own conventional customs and procedures.

Own Organic Farm

DIVINE COOK program could be successful only if we grow our own food grains and vegetables. The farming methods used are deployed as a part of IIS GenGreen. A 2-acre farm land is dedicated only for achieving this goal. Enthusiastic professionals are involved in the farming process. We don’t compromise.