Who We Are ?

We "Infini International School" aspire to be a World Class School that provides an internationally accredited curriculum, high quality facilities and a diverse staff to prepare independent, inquiring and self-motivated citizens of the world.

Where We Are ?

IIS is located on the banks of river Palar and just 7.4 km from the center of the historical town, Kanchipuram.

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Our Philosophy & Beliefs

We wish all IIS students to derive the greatest possible benefit from being here. IIS is committed to being a religiously and politically neutral, multicultural school, servicing the international and local communities.

We set out to involve students, parents and staff as active partners in the learning process, in a relevant, engaging and challenging educational program, through commitment, self-reflection and continuous improvement. Hence, we firmly believe that all students:

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Statement of Principles

The School will

  • be religiously and politically neutral
  • provide a balanced program of instruction founded on CBSE curricula but at international standards leading to qualifications of both local and international value

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The Community will

  • respect and support learning
  • adhere to all protocols and policies and procedures

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Overview of Programs

Learn Best © – High Quality Learning

IIS with its LearnBest program aim to achieve highest standard of education. LearnBest bundles inquiry based teaching and learning strategies, student assessment on CCE format hi-tech classrooms, best-in-class library and laboratories. LearnBest is the complete package that strives to reach the standard by incorporation of language skills enhancements, arranging field trips, social skill development, value education, and exchange programs.

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FUN n FIT ©–Sports and Fitness

IIS believes in physical fitness and mental happiness are essential for the children to realize their potential to achieve high quality eductation. IIS leaves no stone unturned and devised a package to address this goal and named it FUNnFIT.

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DIVINE COOK © – Organic Food Program

IIS believes in achieving high quality eductation wouldn't be possible without nutritious food available to each and every kid. The ill effects of the chemically manured food ingredients is scary. IIS thus came up with the unique solution to achieve this. DIVINE COOK – a 100% organic food program has been initiated.

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GenGreen© A True Green School

IIS with its every attempt to make the kids as the growing saplings of the future world, determined to train them to save the planet as well. It is not just another thing but as an equal priority of their lives. In other words, IIS is generating green as well as greener generation.

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Own organic farm

Improving the area around to turn green

Green school

Pollution free

Litter free

Plastic free

Recycling of water

Waste management

Solar power

LED lighting

Plants and trees

Play garden



IIS knows that collaborations strengthens the ambitions of the school and has tie-ups with national bodies and international ones for that matter. It is not just a simple belief that IISians will o places but also laying the stepping stones for them to do so.

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IIS provides 100% transport coverage to all the students. The vehicles shall adhere to the national and international safety norms. IIS shall ensure comfort in transport, in addition to punctuality and safety.

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