Complete School

IIS with its LearnBest program aim to achieve highest standard of education. LearnBest bundles inquiry based teaching and learning strategies, student assessment on CCE format hi-tech classrooms, best-in-class library and laboratories. LearnBest is the complete package that strives to reach the standard by incorporation of language skills enhancements, arranging field trips, social skill development, value education, and exchangeprograms.

CBSE Curriculum

CBSE envisions a robust, vibrant and holistic school education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavor. The curriculum is committed to provide stress-free, quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity and aim towards a learning process and an environment empowering the learners to grow as competent, confident and enterprising citizens to become global leaders who will promote harmony and peace in the emerging knowledge society.

Value Education Program

Values are guiding and conduct principles that shape our outlook towards the world, attitudes and conduct. Moral values, be them either innate or acquired, teachers at IIS have a great duty to train the students in them that present a true perspective of the development of any society.

The school will run a full-fledged value education program for all classes where learning becomes fun by involving students in various educative value based activities.

Life Skills Program

Life skills program at IIS is a group–based program that runs throughout the year. The unique program focuses on learning effective problem-solving and relationship building skills & time management.

Through a series of experiential learning opportunities, students learn to work in a group and get a chance to share their strengths with others. This program shall increase student confidence and enhance him/her as socialbeing.

High Tech Classrooms

We live in era where there is no education is possible without digital technology. The classrooms are made to accommodate contemporary technology such as internet, wifi, digital projectors. These are no normal classrooms but smart classrooms. Call us future-proof.

Digital Lab

Apart from digitally equipped high tech class rooms IIS provides a well-equipped digital laboratory. Make no mistake it is not just a computer lab, it is much more than that only could be understood by experiencing it. The technology shall be at the disposal of the students but under rigorous monitoring of technical faculty. week days for the students in cultivating the reading habit.


A dedicated library area has been designated that has thousands of books covering different genres. Subscription journals are a no miss too. The library shall have an ambient atmosphere for relaxed and calm reading. The faculty are trained under LearnBest to nurture kids with a reading habit which is invaluable part of learning but has been missing these days among the kids. Ample timing allotments are scheduled during the week days for the students in cultivating the reading habit.